Perspectives in Abstraction touches on the tireless topic of Abstraction’s universality in art and gathers three regional painters to participate in the conversation. Kim Krause’s reflections on the characters of Pandora and Sybil from Greek Myth deploy a vocabulary of radiant white plumes, polka dotted baubles, spinning colorful rings and fluttery pages that consider the archetypal qualities rather than the specifics of the subjects he references. Frank Hermann’s Asmat paintings are behemoths with ropey textures in acrylic that form into anthropological studies and mysterious mounds. Running between these two local heroes of paintings is a quiet cloudbank of enamel works on acrylic surfaces by Jeffrey Cortland Jones. White and nearly white fields of color modulate across a series of small paintings with the most surprising moments of bright color reflecting from the backsides of more than one piece. With three distinct approaches to form and color — from crowded to discreet, sleek to roughly physical — we’re given plenty to see and compare. 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Friday through Sept. 25.