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“Hey, Headmaster” . enamel on acrylic panel . 11″ x 14″

‎”Told You So” . enamel on acrylic panel . 8″ x 10″ . October 2010 . this painting will be in my next solo exhibition, “Closer, Still”, at Kent Place Gallery . October 22 – November 19, 2010 . Summit, New Jersey

Informal Relations: curated by Scott Grow
Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art
Dec 3, 2010 – Jan 15, 2011

Patrick Alt, Chris Ashley, Patrick Berran, Kadar Brock, Matthew Deleget, Laura Fayer, Keltie Ferris, Patrick Michael Fitzgerald, Connie Goldman, Brent Hallard, Rachel Hayes, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Michael Just, Matthew Langley, Jim Lee, Rossana Martinez, Rob Nadeau, Melissa Oresky, Paul Pagk, Danielle Riede, Maximillian Rodel, Eric Sall, Susan Scott, Gabriel J. Shuldiner, Jessica Snow, Henning Straßburger, Garth Weiser, Wendy White, Paige Williams, Douglas Witmer, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, John Zurier,

another project I am honored to be a part of…

Julian Dashper (1960-2009): It Is Life
MINUS SPACE project space
Brooklyn, New York
August 7 – September 4, 2010

A memorial exhibition celebrating New Zealand artist Julian Dashper (February 29, 1960 – July 30, 2009) marking the one year anniversary of his passing.

my next solo exhibition…

“Closer, Still”
Kent Place Gallery
Friday October 22– Friday November 19, 2010
Summit, New Jersey

an upcoming traveling exhibition I have being asked to be in…I CAN’T believe I am in the company of these artists! its sort of like being a freshman in a group of seniors

“Therely Bare”
curated by John Tallman + Ron Buffington

Kate Beck
Jeffrey Cortland Jones
Alan Ebnother
Kevin Finklea
Michael Paul Oman-Reagan
Lorri Ott
Leopoldine Roux
Clary Stolte
Lars Strandh
Richard Van Der Aa
Iemke Van Dijk
Ken Weathersby
Guido Winkler
Lain York

AVA Chattanooga, TN: Jan. 2011
Zeitgeist Nashville, TN: March 2011
Kent State University, OH: 2011-2012
More Details to come…

A Rush And A Push
Jeffrey Cortland Jones
at Christopher West Presents

by Scott Grow , originally published at On The Cusp

Auestere and subtle beauty. Walking into the gallery space you may find you are not confronted immediately with vibrant, bold works but wait… give them time. The works of Jeffrey Cortland Jones are at first glance nothing more than small pairings of minimal white paintings on acrylic but this, for the keen and paitent viewer, will soon enough see these works unfold to reveal the layers of his process and pallette. In many ways these paintings have a certain lineage with artists such as Mark Rothko and Robert Ryman though they are anything but stagnant rehashes of their work. Jones has managed to find his own way in these paintings to navigate the very fine line of being both “painterly” and “reductive”. Minimal would more than likely be one of the first words out of someones mouth when attemping to describe them to another but they are so much more.

This exhibition is a first for Jones in presenting his paintings as diptychs. This pairing off of one paintings with another instantly creates a diaolog between the two paintings that we have not seen in previous shows but allows for the viewer to begin drawing their own comparrisons and contrasts between them. This very act helps expand the viewers attempts to look more deeply into the paintings, seeing the subtle shifts and passages upon its surface. Whether that is the pale greenish grey paint that peeks through a translucent layer of off white, the glow of orange reflected upon the wall from behind the painting (creating a light halo of color), or the more notable multi hued drips that become prevelant within a number of the larger paintings. All of these elements come together to create some dynamic paintings.

I have long been a fan of the artist and have enjoyed watching how his work has continued to evolve over the course of the past few years. Seeing this show in such a modestly sized space as Christopher West Presents, could have been considered a hinderance in the face of some artists but West and Jones together have managed to make a striking and impactful exhibition. So we soon learn that it is not the size of the works or the space that make the show but how well it is presented. And this is certainly one of the best looking painting shows I have seen in Indy in quite awhile. The show closes this weekend so be sure to check out in person as it is the best way to see these paintings. Trust me, they are very hard to photograph. So go and see them yourself.